Distressed Leather Jackets

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Distressed Leather Jackets

The Distressed Leather Jackets are made of full-grain distressed leather material. This premium, hand-crafted jacket is available in multiple colors and in both toggle and button styles.

Distressed Leather Jackets is a company with a simple mission to bring high-quality distressed leather jackets to people that truly love wearing them and want them in their lives.

What Are Distressed Leather Jackets? Or What Is Distressed Leather?

Distressed leather jackets are some of the exclusive varieties of jackets. These jackets are not only worn by men but also have a huge demand among women. These jackets are also well-known as distressed brown leather coats. According to leather experts, these men's distressed leather coats are made with full and strong material, such as the supremely strong part of the skin of animals.

For more attractiveness, these leather coats are made with quality handcrafts in different colors. Some of the finest leather distressed jackets also come in various designs, like those with closure buttons on the front and the cuffs. As well, some of these jackets also come with closure zippers.

QS Wears is well-recognized as one of the best and original leather jacket makers, not only in the USA but also in the UK, Canada, etc. Our mission is to provide durable and quality leather jackets online to our beloved customers. We love to see the happiness of the customers after they wear leather jackets.

If you are in search of leather jackets and are continuously searching for women's or men's distressed leather jackets near me on Google, then we suggest you not worry. Visit our website and order your favorite one. Below, we will briefly discuss the distressed leather coats. 

History of Distressed Leather Coats

According to experts, the antiquity of distressed leather jackets started during the first half of the 20th century. At that time, different flying or aviation-related military personnel authorities wore these jackets as their daily uniforms during their flight routine. These jackets' edgy designs slowly started getting hype in public, and after that, they also started getting popular with people. As well, during those days, men’s distressed leather jackets were more well-known than ever and may be available in a diversity of styles.

These jackets are always manufactured in edgy designs that give them a glorious look. Making this edgy design can be done with so many methods, but one of the most famous is rubbing the leather with sanding sheets. In short, if you are going to purchase a classic bomber jacket or something more up-to-date, then distressed leather jackets are best for you.

Kinds of Distressed Leather Jackets

As you know, distressed leather jackets are manufactured from leather, and for a vintage and edgy look, after making them, they get rubbed by the sheets. Distressed leather jackets generally come with scratches, grazes, and additional marks, which give them an edgy charm. However, there are a few types of distressed leather coats in the world that are also available on our website. Each of them has its attractiveness and design. As well, every one of them is popular, with some special specifications, etc.

The cowhide jacket is one of the beautiful jackets that are also very popular in the Asian subcontinent. These jackets mostly come in waist length. According to people, these types of jackets were worn by army officers and aviation authorities in World War II, as they were the best option to wear at high altitudes or during operations. They are also well-known as bomber jackets and are now the most fashionable attire.

  • The Motorcycle Jacket

The bike trip trend is the fastest-growing passion among growing adults. These jackets are the finest and most well-known outfits to wear during your road trips on bikes. In addition, these jackets come with multiple pocket options, and they are generally made from quality materials. It will look great on you if you wear it with sunglasses. 

How to Pick the Best Distressed Leather Jacket for You?

So many people always ask us how they can choose the perfect distressed leather jacket for them. However, we suggest some recommendations to you, as it is up to you what kind of jacket you want. The very first thing is that you have to identify which kind of jacket will suit you or the jacket color according to your looks and your body weight. Also, while purchasing a leather jacket for you, you have to make sure the size is the right one that you are selecting or that it fits you properly. It is necessary to check the length or width of the jacket, as a loose one will give you a bad look. As well, it is also important to select the proper style that will suit you, as distressed leather jackets come in various styles. The last thing to consider is the price and the product quality, as it is also a fact that many people fool their customers and give them the first copy of the product at high prices.

Where Can I Buy Distressed Leather Jackets?

There is no doubt about the fact that there are so many places to buy leather jackets, especially online, like eBay or Amazon. However, we suggest you buy from a company or person who has been a supplier and has been manufacturing quality leather jackets for many years.  

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Distressed Leather Coat?

  • Water and leather always have a great journey together. We suggest you avoid the water from your jacket, as the water will damage the leather, cause a color fading issue, or damage the quality.
  • It is also important to note that you should not use chemicals or bleach while cleaning your leather jackets. You should gently wipe the jacket with a soft cloth or a very soft sponge. In addition, after cleaning the jacket, dry it naturally while away from direct sunlight.
  • Sunlight may be the source of the crack and fade of the surface color with time. If you are going to store your jacket for a lengthy time, then it is better to wrap it in paper or cover the jacket.


A wonderful way to give your clothing an edgy, contemporary appeal is with a distressed leather jacket. They not only provide weather protection, but they also open up whole new avenues for personal expression. Everyone may discover a distressed leather jacket that matches their taste and sense of style, thanks to the wide variety of designs and colors available. With a little imagination and study, you can style your new favorite item of apparel to fit any event!