We want your valuable experience with QS Wears to be positive. Within 30 days after delivery, unworn, unwashed items with their original tags still attached may be returned if, for any reason, you’re not happy with the product. If you would like to swap or refund the order, you must notify us within three days. You won’t be able to return the item or receive a refund after three days. If you inform us of your intention to return the jackets or our other products within three days of receiving them, we provide a simple 30-day refund policy. If you contact us with inquiries, a customer service agent will respond to you within a day and take care of your issue. We won’t accept returns after one month. The cost of the shipment is not refundable. Products on sale are final, and their sales are not appropriate for exchanges or any kind of return.

  • To inquire about our return procedure, please write us an email at info@qswears.com. We sincerely appreciate you selecting QS Wears.!
  • Note that the local consumer is responsible for carefully returning products by proper postage. Packages that are misplaced or stolen are not QS Wears’ fault.
  • Coats or jackets made to order are not returnable.


Any import tariffs or taxes that a seller may have to pay are not the responsibility of Qs Wears. As well, the costs are not included in the price of the item that gets shipped to the United States of America. If the buyer is dependent on any taxes as a result of importing or purchasing our goods, they must visualize their home customs.

In this way, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, and Europe have rigorous customs laws; we are hopeful they do not follow their procedures in this way.