Men’s Leather Blazer

We designed this jacket with a focus on comfort and style. Although it is not the cheapest option, you will be satisfied with how high quality it is. The comfort of the jacket is the driving factor behind its price. men’s-leather-blazer. This leather blazer has a flattering fit and includes unique features like a detachable liner for ease of cleaning.

The Men’s Leather Blazer is your go-to jacket for any occasion, be it formal or casual. It’s a classic piece that offers a sophisticated look and comes in versatile colors and styles. The timeless silhouette of a Men’s Blazer is designed in our most

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Over the past several decades leather jackets have been transformed into several designs, cuts, and fits, and leather blazers are one of the outcomes of such transformations. It’s a replicated version of the classic casual jackets in a new leather form. Being already casual wear and then infused with the sleekness of leather, the leather blazer jacket is not just casual wear but more sexy casual wear that encompasses casualness and chicness altogether. 

Some fashionistas debate it to be professional wear, while others call it a semi-formal outwear for professional and style seekers to put on during post-duty hours. While the use of this masterpiece has a different school of thought, one reason is that let the user uses it in the formal setting and the low outdoor temperature.

Variations of Cuts in Leather Blazers

Like the fine-tuned formal suit jackets, leather blazers are widely classified into one, two, and three buttons closure along with single, two, and no vents. Although the most preferred blazer typically features two vents. The lapel styles vary from narrow to regular and wide notched lapel. 

Tons of Styles Give Loads of Options!

Moving ahead, the next thing enhancing the blazer’s collection are all designs that set the styles aspect of the piece. They include the quilted designed leather blazer where the diamond quilted texture is finely knitted across the jacket showcasing the exclusiveness of the jacket. Other rusty-looking distressed leather blazers recall the 1900s fashion and depict the wearer’s unique style sense.

Distressed jackets are in great trend in the recent decade, therefore trying a distressed leather blazer will show your style sophistication. The waxed leather blazers, on the other hand, shine your persona and are the best wear to give your dull outfit a neat look. At QSWears, the waxed leather blazers are available in black, brown, maroon, and several other colors.

 Different Fits to Let You Fit In 

Following the blazer, styles come in different fits that shape the wearer in a way how they want to be perceived and interpreted. For average-body folks, the perfect match in a fit is a regular leather blazer. This fit allows more room for additional layering and relaxation to an off-tone body for comfortable movement. It also stresses less on the wearer’s shape giving them a moderate look.

On the flip side, the slim-fit blazers are purposely tailored to show off the wearer’s lean body to generate unspoken subliminal vibes. This fit feels pretty body-hugging and allows very low to no space for pairing any additional underneath clothing. In a nutshell, this fit is perfect for revealing a muscular or perfectly toned body. The modern fit, however, is a fit that lies in between the regular and slim fit. This is the widely acceptable and preferred fit among fashionistas.

This fit shapes the body elegantly by portraying it in a way that accentuates the overall body silhouette without putting any single body part to be more highlighting. This makes it a perfect fit for an average individual who is neither bulky nor lean. Modern fit also allows sufficient space for comfortable swifts moves and several layering to settle underneath.

Material Choices for Usability and Budget

Generally, a cowhide leather jacket is regarded as the most sturdy, protective, water and dust-resistant gear. However, the heaviness of the leather makes it a less favorable choice for semi-formal clothing lovers who are already too conscious about the tuck-in shirt and necktie. Besides, the weight on the shoulder puts more load on the overall ensemble.

Consequently, in leather blazers, lambskin is a great and wise option. It is lightweight, sturdy, soft, and supple enough to retain elegant body postures and moves while giving support during the mild cold. Alternatively, in the casual setting, cowhide is a nice pick as besides being the rough and tough gear it provides maximum warmth and protection on the chilly routes. Fortunately, to entertain both taste carriers, QSWears has a vast variety of leather blazers in lambskin and cowhide leathers.