About Us

QS Wears is a suiting brand for men, committed to delivering the perfect suit. We believe that the suit should be an expression of who you are and how you want to be seen by others, we also take care in providing an exceptional customer experience and have made it our mission to make every man look his best.We started with suits because we saw how much effort goes into making oneself look good when getting dressed up for work or a special occasion. There are so many pieces that can go wrong: the shirt doesn’t fit right, the tie is too long, the shoes are uncomfortable…the list goes on and on! QS Wears has taken all of these intricacies into account to ensure that each piece of your outfit complements one another effortlessly from head to toe.

We believe in making clothes that people will love wearing every day – not just on special occasions or as a one-time purchase but as an investment into their wardrobe and style. We are committed to providing you with good quality clothes without breaking the bank!

Mission Statement

We’re on a mission to create products that make every guy look, feel and perform his best, both in business and life and to make fashion affordable for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to offer suits designed with all sorts of men in mind.


Our vision is to be the best company that provides quality clothes at a reasonable price. QS Wear’s team of designers work tirelessly to create high-quality clothing with innovative designs, all while keeping prices low so anyone can afford them.

>Our vision is to provide our customers with the ultimate suit experience – one where they can walk out feeling like their best self – wearing a QS Wears suit!

Why Choose Us?

We offer EXCLUSIVE discounts and free delivery. We understand that you need to have style all year round so our range includes premium quality fabrics like cotton or wool too! We carry suits & tuxedos in both modern styles as well vintage ones for those looking forward inspiration from their past lives