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Black Leather Jackets

Black Leather Jackets are made of premium full-grain leather, making them durable and comfortable. We offer a selection of jackets that is sure to please any taste, from the classic motorcycle jacket to an updated California chic style.

Make a statement with Jackets. These jackets are expertly crafted and have the perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality this classic jacket, or check out our line of stylish coats and jackets.

You’re looking for a complete Leather Outfit

Whether you’re looking for a complete leather outfit or just the right jacket that will complement your style and allow you to customize it with any type of clothing, Jackets has what you need. Put the finishing touches on your look by adding a matching hat and gloves.

Black Leather Jackets

Men have been playing with hides and skins since they first learn to hide their bodies with a better replacement for leaves. However, the men’s black leather jacket got the chance to find its place in the masculine wardrobe in the 1900s when it was first tried by air force personnel in World War I as a performance gear to survive in the low temps at the peak of cloud flooring heights.

In the following years, the concept of leather jackets was retransformed by a leather products maker Irving Schott, who created the first motorcycle jacket to protect bikers from freezing wind and minor road accidents. Subsequently, the support of Harley Davidson to the bikers’ group by means of the sizzling moto jacket took this style staple to the next level finally making it a preferred choice of every man. With the advent of several contemporary outerwear, this masterpiece got transformed over time into plentiful styles but one style and color that remain unchanged and evergreen forever is the black motorcycle jacket for men.

As the name suggests, it is meant for men because of its masculine silhouette, toughness, weight, and metallic hardware. Primarily having been tried by the 1920’s high-testosterone macho bikers’ group, it gives off the same subliminal and unorthodox vibe. Since then, it was typically considered to be a rebellious choice but with the advent of short-distancing technologies and highly mixed cultures, this is nothing more than a menswear to bump up a typical casual look. Also, the tons of frequently bombarding styles in black jackets have vast options from the mere black motorcycle jacket to the black bomber jackets as well.

At QS Wears, we have an enormous collection of men’s leather jackets that comes with different leather options that include but are not limited to lambskin leather, sheepskin leather, cowhide leather, and double rider leather jackets.,

Selecting Leather Type for the First Time Black Leather Jacket

The prime reason why we incorporated the word “first time” in the, ‘selecting the leather type for a leather jacket’ topic is that different people have different mindsets and perceptions when it comes to quality and functional leather types. Some folks believe that leather should be heavy, stiff, rugged, and tough enough to perform its heavy duty of providing protection to the wearer. Conversely, others believe that leather should be cozy, ample flexible, soft, and supple to provide maximum warmth and comfort in movement simultaneously.

While both of the users are not wrong about their needs and preference but the point that distinguishes the reason for the difference in perception is the stage and event of use at which they are picking a leather jacket.

For those, it is going to be first-time wear it should be heavy enough to ensure the quality itself. On the flip side, the one who’s already tried heavy outwear as performance gear or has already experienced a heavy leather jacket will surely go for the one that is lightweight, buttery soft, and breathable. And here come the first two wide categories of leather jackets i.e. Cowhide leather jackets and lambskin leather jackets.

Reason to go for Cowhide Leather

Cowhide Leathers Jackets, as the name suggests, is leather extracted from the cow’s skin. It is thicker and rough and as compared to the more flexible and supple lambskin leather, it is tough and has an even texture that makes it less smooth.

Because of its thickness, cowhide tends to be heavier than typical goatskin and lambskin leathers. Consequently, when it comes to insulation, it provides more warmth. Not only this, but it also provides sufficient support by means of water and dust resistance. Especially for the bikers, it gives a protective edge at the sharp turns on the roads because of its thick not easily torn behavior.

The aforementioned invincible features of cowhide leather make it the best option for amateur riders, real quality seekers, and for those who desperately want warm outerwear to survive in freezing temperatures.

Reason to go for Lambskin Leather

Unlike cowhide leather, lambskin leather is soft, supple, flexible, and lightweight. This makes it a perfect material for comfy and light on shoulders outerwear.

The buttery feel of lambskin leather makes it ideal for luxury leather jackets. The suppleness adds comfort that is a must-add-on for any luxury style staple. The lightness of the material makes it easy to carry all day long besides pairing it with any outfit of the day.

Where cowhide leather provides maximum warmth, the less-thicker lambskin leather performs as a perfect style icon to wear around the year even during the non-freezing temps covering all day and night events. These features make it an ideal choice for fashionistas who always need something to set a style statement at spontaneous events. Also, for the chic style seekers who want comfort, style, and warmth altogether this is a perfect yet light-on-pocket option.