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Double Rider Men’s Leather Jacket

The double rider leather jacket or perfecto leather jacket, as they are also called, is the most iconic motorcycle leather jacket renowned among badass bikers since its creation in the early 1900s. The essential features that set this masterpiece apart from the typical men’s biker jackets include asymmetrical zipper closure, zipper sleeves, paddings, buckles, waist-belt, shoulder epaulets, notched lapel collar, silver coins on the collar, and overall glimmering silver or gold chrome hardware. Whereas the rugged and bold appearance of the jacket depicts the macho style.

This timeless piece was invented by Irving Schott and it has been in the fashion industry for a century now. It started gaining huge fame among bikers in its early days when Harley Davidson retailed it at a considerable level making it a symbolic biker-style jacket.

From 1928 till today, this wear is counted among the few outerwear that is still trending despite the introduction of several contemporary style leather jackets. This became possible not just because of the style itself but also because of the functional and protective shield it provides to the riders. Here at QSWear, you’ll find both similar classy and ultra-modern style double rider jackets that besides performing their basic function of keeping you warm and cozy will also give you off bold style statement.

Material, Color & Fit

Unlike the supple and lightweight lambskin leather biker jackets, the double rider leather jackets are generally made from cowhide leather that adds toughness to this outerwear and makes them crack-free, peel-proof, and long-lasting.

The most renowned color and style in the double rider jackets is the black double rider jacket in a classic fit. This jacket looks classy because of its relaxed fit and basic color. Other new additions to this jacket include a brown double rider jacket and suede versions as well. In recent years, with the rising obsession with a lean body, the modern fit jacket, and narrow-fit pants are in high demand now. Consequently, the preference for fit in the double rider is also shifting from classy to slim fit among the growing youth of Generation X.

Typically, habitual and serious bikers go after cowhide double rider jackets because of their sturdiness and protective behavior. Rest, on the other side, opt for the light on shoulders and soft-to-skin sheepskin and lambskin jackets. Luckily, QSWear deals in a variety of products and offers a vast range of options in leathers, fits, styles, and colors when it comes to the evergreen double rider jacket.