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Cowhide Leather Jacket

There’re several types of leather available in the market for a leather jacket but none of them ensures durability, warmness, and protectiveness like cowhide leather does. Unlike soft and supple sheepskin leather, it inherits sufficient weight, toughness, and thickness that provides incredible warmness during below zero temps weather, protection for the bikers against the cold wind, rain, and minor road accidents.

Because of their superior quality, cowhide leather jackets are the bikers’ first and ideal choice. A plethora of styles is also available in cowhide leather ranging from cowhide bomber jackets to biker jackets and vintage-style distressed leather jackets. Especially when it comes to the best winter outerwear then no other gear can replace sturdy cowhide leather jackets. QS Wears offers a vast range of premium quality cowhide leather jackets in many styles, colors, shapes, fits and sizes at competitive prices for those who eagerly want quality leather jacket for long-lasting performance.

5 Reasons why Cowhide Leather Jackets are worth investing in!

As compared to fabric outerwear, leather jackets are generally the expensive option. And when it comes to cowhide leather jackets the amount may seem slightly high as well. On one hand, this price factor makes it looks less affordable, on the other hand, it ensures the high quality of this wear as a real cowhide leather jacket can’t be cheap because of the quality material and accessories used for this performance gear.

However, the five (5) solid reasons that make this masterpiece the best option to invest in guarantee the affordability of this garment in the long run, which no other clothing piece can ensure even in the short span of use.

Water & Dirt Resistance

The naturally rigid and less porous surface of cowhide leather makes it easy to maintain and retain. This feature makes it dust and waterproof besides differentiates it as the best gear to wear in rough and tough conditions. Conversely, denim and fabric jackets, because of their knitted and porous nature allow more dust and water to settle in the pores even when contacted with less dust and wet events. This requires more washes and contact with washing agents in a short span of use that depreciates the garment’s overall life.

Also, lambskin leather jackets are counted among the premium quality leather jackets but when it comes to contact with water and dust they don’t even perform well enough as cowhide leather jackets do. It’s all because of the natural behavior and differences in the skins of the animals themselves. No matter how premium the lambskin leather is used for a jacket.

Suppleness Over Times

Where the fabric and denim jackets lose softness over time, the initially rigid cowhide leather jackets tend to get soft and supple over time without compromising on the protective shield they provide. It becomes possible because of the stretchy behavior of the skin itself that with the passage of time begins to get softer and shape up according to the wearer’s silhouette.

Tearproof, Crackproof and Breathable

The thickness of the material makes the cowhide leather strong enough to not be torn easily. And this specific quality makes it the best protective gear for road explorers.

Being a by-product of an animal body, leather inherits some natural fluids too that make it ample flexible, and crackproof. That is if it is to be used during the winter season only then keeping it in the cupboard for as long as 6 months won’t make it peel off. That makes it one of the best leather types among the rest.

Breathability is yet another feature that cowhide leather possesses. Being naturally made to supply oxygen to the body cells, it allows sufficient air to be let in to keep it breathable and less exhausting for the wearer.

Can Be Renewed

Like the restoration of unique vintage vehicles, a classic cowhide leather jacket can be restored as well after decades of rough use. Where you have got the option to dent and paint the rusty car, likewise the cowhide leather can be dyed to transform it into a new version.

This feature of the cowhide jacket is so effective that many retailers are selling the old cowhide leather jackets after dying them to give them a new look. And that makes them priced a bit low but what the buyer getting in return is a piece that has already been used for decades consequently leaving the buyers in disbelief at the quality of cowhide leather. As such a jacket surely won’t perform any longer. At QS Wear, we craft every single piece out of fresh cowhide leather that ascertains the sturdiness, toughness, and long-lasting performance of the gear from the very first day of production.

Signature Style Setter

Your signature style statement sets by not what you wear or exhibit but by how long you go along with it. That makes the cowhide leather jackets the best pick to turn the heads on.

If you start wearing it in your 20s, you’ll be getting compliments until it becomes a sign of your identification in your 30s, 40, 50s, or could be as long as your 60s. On one end, it will never leave you feeling discomfort, on the flip side you'll become addicted to it because of its long companionship.

If you are in between deciding on a quality cowhide leather jacket or after a cowhide jacket then you must check out the QS Wear cowhide leather jacket collection for men and women that inherits all the qualities, features, and functionalities elaborated above. Lastly, quality wear always needs fine craftsmanship, exquisite material, and ample time that can’t be afforded by cheap labor and easy procurements. These factors made this classic piece a comparatively less affordable yet worth buying style staple.